Custom-Built Patio Canopy, Deck Covers Let You Enjoy The Great Outdoors Every Season

If there’s one thing better than eating a home-cooked dinner in mom’s kitchen, it’s dining on a sizzling, barbequed meal al fresco. Treat your deck to one of Mr. Cover All’s premium patio canopy covers and feel free to fire up the grill without risking a winter chill. Our canopy installation specialists will provide you with a variety of personalized patio roof ideas to ensure your outdoor space is sheltered from the snow and protected from the cold and rain.

Every single one of our patio gazebos, metal patio covers, and wood patio covers are locally-produced in BC, come in a wide variety of color choices to complement your home, are customized to ensure every inch of the structure is built to code, and are beautifully designed to suit your outdoor needs. Opt for a large, glass-top patio canopy to retain maximum visibility and light exposure during the spring and summer months or choose a sturdy metal patio cover complete with our exterior roll screens for optimal protection against the elements during wet fall mornings and snowy winter’s nights. Using only the finest Somfy motors, your exterior roll screens can be moved up or down — with just the touch of button.

All of Mr. Cover All’s top-quality canopies, gazebos, and patio deck covers come with great warranties so whether you’re looking to ring in the New Year with a late-night house party under the stars or you want to enjoy a quiet morning on your deck overlooking Vancouver’s waterfront, we’ve got you and your family covered all year round.

Looking for additional patio roof ideas this winter? Contact us by phone at 1 (604) 533-3434 or email and get your very own patio canopy today!