20% Off All SunCircle 2500 Full Cassette Awnings

The HZ-T2500 is a custom small/medium size elite level full cassette awning, the ideal awning for clients looking for a product that has clean lines and ease of use. The HZ-T2500 can be adjusted easily and will protect your fabric and moving parts from water and impurities penetration in its fully enclosed cassette body. Custom colors and mounting brackets are available.

  • Width: 16’ maximum
  • Projection: 10’ maximum
  • Arm sizes: 8’ or 10’
  • Frame color: White/Black/Custom
  • Operation: manual or motorized
  • Manual or motorized with Wind sensor
  • Mounting Styles Wall/Soffit/Roof
  • 700 + fabric

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to upgrade your outdoor space with a SunCircle 2500 Full Cassette Awning. To get started, submit an ‘Awning Inquiry’ below or call 1 (604) 533-3434 .