Curb Appeal Your Awning and Your HomeHomeowners tend to think of bushes and flowers when they think of curb appeal, but awnings should also be thought about. Victorian-style homes and German designed cottages are only two types of architectural structures that have made awnings very appealing.  Regardless if homes are constructed of brick, wood or concrete, there’s something quaint and homey about the look of awnings.

Although there are many great ways to add improvement to your home, adding an awning is both visually appealing and practical. Not only do they provide shade, reduce your home’s cooling cost and extend your outside living space, awnings also add an inviting first impression.

Imagine your home with a colorful fabric awning over windows and doorways that seem to magically pull guests into your home. A welcoming front porch is an ideal way to set off your home’s landscaping. You can quickly and easily complement your home with a splash of color simply by adding a large awning.

Use awnings as a form of home improvement that is easy and affordable. Installation is pretty straight forward, maintenance is simple and the color choices and fabric designs are near endless. Once you have decided on an awning design that fits the unique style and color of your home, you won’t have to paint or do much to take care of your new beautiful enhancements.  

If you think ‘square and boring’ when you think about awnings, you’ll be surprised to know that awnings and canopies can take on a whole range of shapes and sizes, making the design options limitless. Working with a professional awning company to create a design that best suits your home’s design and your personal needs will ensure your new awning does its job.

Adding window canopies is a great way to complete your look and add instant curb appeal. Aside from color and design, you can further enhance your awning by adding trim and valances. It’s easy to echo the architecture of a more traditional home or complement a newer modern-styled house. Regardless of what you decide, canopies and awnings are certain to add drama and impact to an otherwise ordinary façade.



Article Author: John Kerkhoff. is the leading supplier of retractable awnings in Canada. Retractable awnings are a chance for you to choose between sun and shade. A chance to get up close and personal with nature, while still preventing UV rays from damaging your skin. Whether you want to block the sun or allow it to reach your deck partially, we make it a simple matter of pressing the right button. Click Here to receive a consultation.

Photo Source: courtesy of anankkml / Free Digital Photos