“If anyone is researching the BBB for a reliable company to put up a patio cover for their home, you must, at the very least, give Cecil a call and have him stop by. I originally had 2 solid referrals for a different company to do a pergola style patio cover and I was 99% sure I was going with them, even so far as to calling Cecil up and telling him I was going with the other guy until he said they also offered a similar product! That was a surprise for me as I didn’t see too many “pergolas” in their pictures. I just thought they didn’t do that particular style. Also, Mr. Coverall’s quote was VERY competitive compared to other companies. As a matter of fact, both of my neighbours on either side had a patio cover installed by other companies and mine is so much ‘beefier’ than theirs… goes to show you get what you pay for.

Now to the install. The completion date was Dec 12, 2016. Why the date? Because the week leading up to my completion we saw the Alex Fraser bridge closed twice due to ice and snow! And yes, the install team was at my house! We lucked out in that they put up the main support structure before the snow came but it was still close to freezing. The guys were professional, early risers, and respectful when they were around. As a matter of fact, Cecil hand picked this particular install team do my patio cover due to the challenges posed by the layout of the yard and how it was mounted to the house. That shows me these guys don’t just send anyone. They take into account the strengths of their teams and assigns them to the jobs that lines up with their expertise.

The time frame for my particular install was suppose to be 2-3 days (due to the size of the patio cover). With the unfortunate weather we had at the beginning of December, it took just over a week and that was due to the final touches being done after the snowfall. Otherwise, the main parts were up in 2 days. From start to finish, Cecil replied to every one of my emails and phone calls. He will even send someone over to do a final inspection/clean up just in case anything was overlooked (again, mostly due to the snow covering up everything). You won’t be disappointed with the workmanship. Cecil is incredibly knowledgeable in this industry. Oh one last thing, our first meeting at the house for a quote was 9am… he rang the doorbell at 9am!”

Thank you for your wonderful review Kent!