Reduce Home Cooling Bill by Half with Professionally Installed Awnings

Reduce Home Cooling Bill by Half with Professionally Installed AwningsIn the event you’re still considering the pros and cons about installing an awning, perhaps the latest joint report from Whitebox Technologies and The Professional Awning Manufacturers (PAMA) will help. According to their new study, fabric awnings and exterior shades have shown to reduce homeowners cooling costs by more than half.

The study, which evaluated 50 cities, shows that awnings not only help to save money through reduced cooling bills, but also increase the comfort level inside your home by reducing your home’s internal temperature, thus reducing the size of, and mechanical wear, on your home’s AC unit.

The hot summer days of the West Coast are cause for rising energy costs and awnings provide an almost immediate and certainly eco-friendly way to keep your home cool.

While turning on the air conditioner results in higher bills, shades and awnings work with your air conditioning unit to keep your home cooler and reduce the need for additional energy use.

This new study shows that exterior shades or fabric awnings can save as much as $200 each year by reducing the load on your air conditioner. Joe Huang, president of White Box Technology, who conducted the study says, “The significance of this type of energy savings extends beyond reduced home expenses. When numerous homeowners in a community reduce their energy use, there is less demand for energy during peak usage, resulting in overall savings to utility companies and the public.”

The study focused primarily on older homes that are generally smaller and less insulated than newer constructed homes. The results of their data supports claims that solar shades and awnings are smart retrofits that are effective in making older homes more energy efficient.

Another way to ensure your awning choice will help with cooling costs is to choose your fabric wisely. DICKSON® now offers a new generation Orchestra fabric that has improved technical characteristics to that of other fabric choices on the market. Dickson’s fabric has improved durability and solar protection as well as a greater water resistance.

For improved water resistance, the fabric consists of Schmerber 370 mm instead of 350 mm. For better solar protection Dickson offers a tighter weave: 0.11% open instead of 0.36% and more stability, ensuring a higher performance than ever before.  With such vast improvements in solar protection, awnings outfitted with Dickson Orchestra fabric will help reduce direct solar gain through your windows.

Article Author: John Kerkhoff. is the leading supplier of retractable awnings in Canada. Retractable awnings are a chance for you to choose between sun and shade. A chance to get up close and personal with nature, while still preventing UV rays from damaging your skin. Whether you want to block the sun or allow it to reach your deck partially, we make it a simple matter of pressing the right button. Click Here to receive a consultation.

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