Security Roll Shutters

Protect your building with a world-class German-engineered Alulux roll shutter system by MCA, Vancouver’s premier roll shutter dealer/installer. Designed to the highest standards, our roll shutters can be custom manufactured to meet almost any design need. Looking for added value, protection, or integration into a new build? MCA can help you with the roll shutter system you need. Learn why we offer the best roll shutter systems!

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Security Roll Shutters

Security Roll Shutters

Comfort & Privacy from the Shutter Experts




Protect your home or business and add value with a sturdy and stylish roll shutter system by MCA. Our European-inspired, German-engineered Alulux roll shutters are designed to the highest standards, and can be custom manufactured to meet almost any design need. Whether you’re looking to add value to your home and cabin, integrate roll shutters into a new build, or to protect your office or business, MCA has the roll shutter you need to take advantage of the great benefits roll shutters offer.

  • Energy efficient – Roll shutters help prevent the loss of heat and warmth through windows saving you money on heating and air conditioning.
  • Added protection – Roll shutters resist pry bars and intrusion, deterring break-ins and adding to your peace of mind.
  • Stylish and comfortable – With a variety of colours of finishes available, roll shutters are an elegant and attractive way of adding value and security to your home or cabin.
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    If you want the best product for light control, comfort and security then nothing can match a custom-made rollshutter by Mr. Cover All. Why settle for flimsy curtains and blinds that let light in and do nothing to block noise or keep your windows secure. Mr. Cover All shutters give you up to 99% light control and an exceptional level of noise reduction, and come in a variety of colours and finishes to give you the exact look you want.

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    The best way to shut out intruders and vandals is with the superior security and visual deterrent offered by a sturdy and reliable roll shutter. Strong aluminum shutter slats lock together to form a solid barrier that resists prying and impact, protecting not only your windows and glass, but your products as well. Mr. Cover All will custom design and have your storefront rollshutters built to your exact specifications and needs.

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    Mr. Cover All’s spring-locking & motorized rollshutters are ideal for a wide variety of commercial applications. Like our residential and storefront products, Mr. Cover All’s line of commercial rollshutters offer added security and peace of mind, and are custom built to your exact specifications.

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    New Construction

    The best time to plan or install your shutters is during the construction phase, let us work with you to design and integrate your shutter system. Mr. Cover All’s ALulux shutters can be integrated into the look of your building and making use of somfy technology allows them to be fully compatible with current home automation systems.

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    Any size, any color, and custom security static panels as well.

Why Should You Consider Roll Shutters?

If you’ve been considering having roll shutters installed, then choosing a company that only uses the best-quality materials ensures that your roll shutters with be long-lasting, and continue to provide the security and protection that you expect.

Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll experience once your roll shutters are installed:

  • Cold and thermal insulation
  • Light control
  • Increased insect protection
  • Conforms to standards
  • Energy saving
  • Increased burglary protection
  • Privacy protection
  • Sun protection
  • Weather protection
  • Noise protection

More Information

Security All Year Long

  • Get exceptional real world security with rugged and resilient roll shutters. Perfect for your business, home or cabin when you’re not around for an extended period, a sturdy roll shutter adds peace of mind.
  • Extruded aluminum guide rails and end slats create a protective perimeter around your store front window that resists pry bars and other intrusions. Then, when closed, the shutters’ double-wall aluminum curtain slats lock together, forming a solid protective barrier over the window’s glass. For even more impact protection, upgrade to an ultra hard foam core.
  • But roll shutters don’t just offer a strong defence against intrusion into your business or home; they also serve as a powerful deterrent. Faced with stiff resistance, would-be intruders move on to easier targets, leaving homes and businesses protected by roll shutters unmolested.
  • Plus, all of our Alulux roll shutters come in a variety of colours and finishes, meaning you can get all the added protection without sacrificing a stylish and inviting exterior with exceptional curb appeal. We’re happy to work with your design team to bring the added security of roll shutters to a new build, and can evaluate existing sites and create custom builds tailored to your needs.

Warm in Winter

Live in superior warmth and comfort during the cold Edmonton winters while still saving on your utility costs. Windows represent the greatest source of heat loss in your house, and protecting them with MCA installed roll shutters can mean significant savings on heating during the winter. When our superior roll shutters are down and the slats in locked position, roll shutters:

  • Trap a cushion of insulating air over your windows.
  • Stop wind and snow before it touches the glass.
  • Keep the window pane warm, preventing cold drafts.
  • Are recognized by the Canadian government as a valuable energy-saving system, and homeowners upgrading with them qualify for tax benefits.

Engineered to the specific needs of every project, our insulated slat system is custom-made to fit snugly over your windows and patio doors. Built from sturdy aluminum and finished with an exterior grade enamel, MCA installed roll shutters are built to withstand the elements for years of unsurpassed service.


Cool in Summer

Our custom-built roll shutters don’t just help keep you warm in the winter, they can help you beat the heat during the hot summer months. The insulated, double-wall system offers total light control so you can let the bright summer light in or incrementally reduce it to total darkness for cool comfort all summer long. With Alulux roll shutters by MCA, you:

  • Stop direct sunlight before reaching your window to keep glass cool
  • Save on air conditioning for lower utility bills
  • Protect draperies and floor coverings from sun fade damage
  • Muffle noise for comfort and peace

Engineered to the specific needs of every project, our insulated slat system is custom-made to fit snugly over your windows and patio doors. Built from sturdy aluminum and finished with an exterior grade enamel, MCA installed roll shutters are built to withstand the elements for years of unsurpassed service.

Operating Your Roll shutter

Operating your roll shutter is very simple. Your roll shutters are operated from within the house, with the pull of a strap, the turn of a winch handle or the push of a button. When the shutter is fully closed it locks in position and provides extra security.

  • STRAP COILER: the strap coiler can be installed on either side of the window. The shutter is raised by pulling on the strap and closed by releasing the strap from the coil box.
  • WINCH: the winch can be installed on either side of the window. The shutter is raised by turning the handle in the up direction and lowered by turning in the down direction. The winch has gears and will provide mechanical advantage over larger roll shutters, making operation smooth and easy.
  • MOTORS: The motor is located out of sight inside the pipe of the roll shutter. It automatically stops at the fully open and fully closed position. You can stop the shutter anywhere in-between these positions. The motor comes with a wall switch or a remote control. Motorization can be versatile with a variety of switching options, contact a K & F representative for details.
  • NEW: the 12 VOLT OZ roll motor. There are many advantages, they are easy to retro­t, no electrician required, motor still works when power goes out and solar charging is an option.

Aluminum – a real ‘all-rounder’

High quality components made from aluminum. Aluminum is a lightweight yet robust material which stands up to the elements with excellent corrosion characteristics. It also provides you with a strong, easy-to-operate, long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing roll shutter system. Enjoy the advantages of aluminum.


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We will help you create your dream patio with our colourful selection of deck covers and canopies, a cozy balcony with our wind and waterproof awnings and roll screens, or a secure storefront with our security shutters. Don’t get caught in the rain! Enjoy your outdoor spaces all year round with deck covers and a little help from Mr. Cover All.

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