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It’s likely you’ve been visiting a friend in their yard when suddenly they haul out that famous piece of plastic and begin tarping off a section. Sometimes this is because shade or privacy is needed while other times it’s due to rain or other poor weather conditions. While this method of awning can prove useful, it’s not exactly what professionals would refer to as the awning concept.

A professional awning is generally made from a special fabric. It is an architectural projection that provides protection and is supported by the building to which it is attached. Unlike your friend’s quick-fix awning, there are no unsightly strings or ropes attached to a professional awning. As a matter of fact, a professionally made awning adds beauty and enhancement to any home’s exterior.

Instead, a professionally designed awning is comprised of a lightweight frame structure over which the area (of your choice) is covered. Most homeowners install awnings to use to provide shade over patios and decks, however, custom awnings can also be created for windows and doorways. These types of awnings, which are referred to as canopies, are supported and directly attached to the building.

Also unlike your friend’s plastic version, professional awnings can be outfitted as retractable or stationary. With the push of a button, a retractable awning can provide an instant cool area and relaxing haven from the rays of the sun. Depending on your needs (and budget), your custom awning can be enhanced with sensor-activated controls or remotes.

A remote will allow your awning to be opened and closed easily from inside or outside the house, while a sensor-controlled awning features sun and wind sensors that automatically retract your awning or extend it, even when no one is home.

Stationary awnings, which are on a fixed frame, are a very popular choice with homeowners. These types of awnings can be custom fit to any space around your home such as a deck, patio or garden area. The stationary awning is an excellent option for those odd-shaped places that have bump-outs or for unusually sized windows. You can have a stationary awning custom designed in any shape, size, color or design.

Consider how practical an awning would be for your home to create an extended living space, to enhance a doorway, add shade to sun-facing windows or even to create an instant car port. Stationary or retractable, a custom awning will only enhance.




L Couling

Highly recommended! Cecil very effectively interpreted our vision and provided the post & beam samples that were needed in order to make our decision. We appreciate that the components were custom manufactured to fit our patio. Installation was expertly done by Peyton, Jon and Rahul, and was completed according to schedule, including cleanup. The finished product looks great and we’re now ready for summer. Thank you Mr. Cover All!

Jane Carich

The free hanging custom unit installed 3 levels up looks beautiful, like it belongs, and not an add on to a 35 year old building. The 3 post and beam patio covers are stunning. Installers Rocky & Steve were personable, punctual, fast, clean and most all respectful to our members & their units. Thanks Brandon & Cecil for all your time helping us find exactly what would work for our situation and on budget as well.Thank you Cecil & Brandon.

Lauren Hartt

We are extremely pleased with our new awning from Mr. Cover All. The process from initial consultation to installation has been painless, and the final result is a strong, sturdy, and attractive replacement awning. I am particularly grateful to Rahul who showed me how to change the pitch of the awning which I didn’t know was an option. This information completely resolved our difficulty with where to attach it to the house. Rahul and Adam did a great install, were friendly and comfortable and covid-respectful. Thanks, guys.

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